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“If we skate in the moment, that’s where the magic comes”

Third-place showing in short dance validates Madi and Zach's hard work behind the scenes

March 31, 2017 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi and Zach on a third-place showing in the short dance at the 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships!

In earning an international personal-best score of 76.53 points, Madi and Zach showcased their masterful edging, commanding ice coverage, and authentic interpretation. They achieved Level 4s on all but one of their elements, including a technical score for their twizzle sequence that was the highest in the entire field.

At an ISU press conference, Madi remarked, "We've worked for this exact moment. We've put a lot time into our preparation, mentally as well as physically."

"In the last month since Four Continents, Zachary and I have really worked with our coaches on changing our mentality around our skating in general, but especially with this short dance. We're always trying to do more or be more, and we had to step back and realize that we were enough, and we just had to be us, and really hone this dance."

"I feel like we owe it to each other just much as we owe it to Marie-France [Dubreuil] in particular. She really helped us and pushed us to not give up on it. There were definitely some tough moments in the season where we felt like maybe we just needed to go with the current, the way things were going. She's been there every day, encouraging us to embrace what we originally believed, the ideas we have, and our own creative vision. It is definitely a gratifying way to end the season and I know they're enjoying this moment with us as well."

They are joined at the top of the standings by their great friends and training mates Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada, and Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France. They all train at the Centre Gadbois in Montréal under coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, and Romain Hagenauer.

Madi and Zach will finish the competition with their free dance tomorrow, Saturday, April 1st. They look forward to taking all your best hopes and wishes to heart in delivering another rewarding performance for you, their fans. Also, many thanks to the commentators at British Eurosport for your high praise and insightful, constructive feedback! For more information on Madi and Zach's preparations leading up to Worlds, please see the three-part update below.

Madi and Zach enter Worlds with redoubled confidence and fitness

March 28, 2017 - Webmaster Update - First in a series of three updates

Madi and Zach have arrived in Helsinki, Finland for the 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships. They will represent the United States of America in the ice dance competition which begins on Friday, March 31st.

They qualified for Worlds in January at the 2017 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Kansas City where they finished a strong third, scoring a career-best 191.42 points. The following month, they achieved a career-best international score of 180.82 points in placing fourth at the 2017 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Gangneung, South Korea, which were held in the same arena that will host next year’s Olympic figure skating competition.

In a recent media conference call and IceNetwork podcast, Madi and Zach revealed that, leading up to Four Continents, they felt that they had achieved personal breakthroughs in their training. While they admit that they “tried to go for it a bit too much” during the event, they were nevertheless so encouraged by their momentum that they didn’t take any time off afterwards, instead capitalizing on their improved energy and confidence and continuing to train at this newfound high level. After Four Continents, Madi and Zach tweaked a few details in their programs. They now feel that both their programs are the complete “final package.”

Moreover, alongside their coaches and ice dance training mates from Montréal, they participated in a pre-Worlds training camp in Kingston, Ontario with Toronto-based coaches, choreographers, and skaters, including Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson, David Wilson, Javier Fernandez, Javier Raya, Gabrielle Daleman, Lubov Ilyushechkina, and Dylan Moscovitch. Not only did Madi and Zach benefit from receiving feedback from different coaches with different perspectives, they also benefited from their work alongside singles and pair skaters, who collectively reminded and inspired each other about their reasons and motivations for working and training so intensively at the uppermost echelons of figure skating.

Madi and Zach enter Worlds feeling extremely well-prepared physically, and having made significant strides in the mental aspects of their skating. In particular, they look forward to skating with full emotional vulnerability while at the same time executing all the elements at the highest levels. They feel that “if we skate in the moment, that’s where the magic comes.”

Furthermore, Madi and Zach believe that they are capable of exceptional results at Worlds. They feel that they are able to compete at the highest level of skating, and that they belong in any conversation about the top teams in the world. Rather than limiting themselves into any preconceived place in the pecking order, they feel that the best way to approach the competition is to see no barriers or walls around them, instead identifying and seizing every opportunity for success.

Already, their scores and performances this season reflect the tremendous ongoing progress they’re making in Montréal with coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, and Romain Hagenauer. With strong performances at these World Championships, Madi and Zach look forward to showing their fans and supporters the full results and benefits of their work.

More background on Madi and Zach’s short and free dances this season

March 29, 2017 – Webmaster Update – Second in a series of three updates

This season, Madi and Zach’s short dance creatively combines the ISU’s required rhythms of blues and hip hop. It’s the product of Madi’s desire to skate to a classic blues selection, Zach’s love of hip hop, and coach Marie-France Dubreuil’s alignment of their interests. Madi helped put together the music by gathering chart-topping hits from different decades. Together with their coaches, Madi and Zach ultimately settled on Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” for the blues, while for the hip hop, they chose MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

While Madi, Zach, and their coaches “knew from the start that it would be hit or miss,” and that many wouldn't like their music choices at first, their coaches agreed that if there was a year to experiment with different styles and music, then this was the year to do so. In particular, Madi and Zach felt that with the required hip hop rhythm, "the ISU is asking for this." Even though hip hop generally lends itself to sharp movements, which are at odds with the long gliding movements typically seen in figure skating, Madi and Zach decided to have fun with the concept and involve the audience, all while including a nod to a more classic era with their blues selection.

Madi and Zach have always had backup music prepared that they knew would be "safe," and after each event, they had to make a decision about whether to scrap their short dance or to keep and evolve it. They didn't back away from the challenge and are proud of soldiering on with their program. They feel all the more vindicated knowing that the program is growing even on those who didn’t like it at first.

Meanwhile, Madi and Zach’s free dance this season seeks to capture their “individual spirits.” In weaving together Bootstrap’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” Ingrid Michaelson’s “Can't Help Falling in Love,” and Bootstrap’s “Earned It,” they alternate male and female voices, and have crafted a truly personal and emotional program that not only reflects the singers’ points of view, but also relates to Madi and Zach’s own deeply-felt experiences. The result is a “euphoric moment” where “everything comes together” and Madi and Zach can’t help flooding the entire arena with their emotions and their physicality.

After Four Continents, Madi and Zach worked with Samuel Chouinard, who choreographed their short dance, to create more contrast between the first three minutes of the program and the final, ending music selection of the program. The goal was to avoid a one-level feeling for the entire four minutes, and to add more linear movements into the final minute of the program so as to create a markedly different impression that is more “impactful” and “proud.” Madi and Zach have greatly enjoyed working with Sam, who leverages his dance background to ensure that their overall body movement relates well with the music and captures all its nuances, in particular highlighting specific musical cues and suggesting particular shapes to go along with the music.

An inspired training environment in Montréal is key to Madi and Zach’s success

March 30, 2017 – Webmaster Update – Third in a series of three updates

Madi and Zach’s strong results this season and last reflect the tremendous progress they continue to make at their training base in Montréal under the guidance of coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, and Romain Hagenauer. At the Centre Gadbois, Madi and Zach train alongside top ice dance teams such as Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada.

In total, Madi and Zach are part of a training camp that includes seven world-class ice dance teams. While the ice at the Centre Gadbois isn’t big enough for all seven teams at once, there are always multiple teams doing run-throughs or cross-training together at any given time. Madi and Zach never feel “crowded,” and they alternate training sessions with different teams, all of whom are “very friendly and motivating.” Madi is particularly close friends with Gabriella, and they actually miss each other when they’re not training on the same ice at the same time. All the teams make an effort to watch and encourage each other, clapping for each others’ run-throughs and giving each other positive, constructive feedback, especially on difficult days.

Moreover, Madi and Zach’s coaches make sure never to compare them to anyone else. They do their best to make each of their teams the absolute best they can be. In particular, their coaches have pushed them to avoid boxing themselves into a certain placement in the U.S. or globally, and to instead believe that “anything’s possible” – including a Worlds podium finish – at a time when the gaps among the top ice dance teams in the world are narrowing. With respect to the increasing depth of the ice dance field both in the U.S. and around the world, Madi and Zach believe that, under the new scoring system, if "people see the opportunity that if they work, they'll get rewarded for it." Every team has the incentive to be as competitive as possible.

Among their coaches, Zach looks up to Patrice as a “huge coach and mentor” who has changed his view of what his role in the partnership is. Meanwhile, Marie-France provides a very reassuring presence, encouraging Madi and Zach to enjoy and be present in each moment of every run-through, and to personalize each moment of the performance so that they’re not just thinking about the elements and the points. Moreover, Madi and Zach feel that “Marie-France has a way of choosing the correct programs.” She puts a lot of work into “creating connections with the music” and is always “looking for that magic moment” by paying attention to what generates reactions in both the skaters and the audience. Because they have developed a truly organic connection to their programs, Madi and Zach are able to enjoy them more “so that it's not just a competition.”

Step sequences are some of the technical elements that Madi and Zach have improved upon in Montréal. In competitions, they feel that the technical panel usually looks for easy glides into edges without the application of too much weight. Madi and Zach have learned to “be calm” and to trust that they have the “right talent and capability to execute the elements.” Only when they doubt their capabilities does their skating become “forced” and “snowy.” To improve on all their elements, Madi and Zach have also sought the feedback of judges and callers through monitoring sessions.

Leading up to Worlds, Madi and Zach ramped up to a period of “peak training” where they not only ran through each of their programs every day of the week, but also followed each program run-through with an immediate repeat of the final two-thirds of the program. Combined with lots of cardio cross-training, these rigorous workouts encourage Madi and Zach to be “calm and precise,” and to avoid giving into mental struggles like “the devil on the shoulder telling us to race to the end.”

The results that Madi and Zach have achieved in Montréal build on the “magic” and chemistry that they have always felt since the start of their partnership. Madi and Zach feel that they are both strong people who often take turns in leading in the partnership. This intensity, coupled with their ongoing growth as individuals and as a team, has evolved into something that’s “super special” whenever they take the ice – something that will be in full display as they take the ice tomorrow for their fourth appearance at Worlds.

Commanding the attention of the skating world

Madi and Zach’s hard work leading to significantly improved scores and results

January 21, 2017 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach have arrived in Kansas City in top shape for the 2017 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. In the short dance on Friday, January 20th, they brought the Sprint Center audience to their feet with a sizzling blues pattern and a crowd-pleasing hip-hop medley. Technically, they achieved Level 4 on all their elements, and they showcased their signature deep edges; commanding speed, power, and extension; and exceptionally difficult, close holds.

Madi and Zach’s efforts were rewarded with a personal-best score of 79.72, which places them third, only 2.70 points off the lead. They look forward to improving upon their short dance with an even stronger free dance. If you can’t see them live in Kansas City, please be with them in spirit by tuning in to NBC today, Saturday, January 21st, for a live national broadcast from 4-6pm Eastern Time. Regardless of where you are, please double check your local TV listings.

Career-best result at ISU Grand Prix Final

Madi and Zach come into Nationals on the heels of a career-best result at last month’s ISU Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France, where they earned 179.59 points in placing fifth overall. Both their programs, in particular their free dance, drew lavish praise from commentators at NBC and British Eurosport.

Madi and Zach have improved significantly at each of their outings this season. With a strong finish at Nationals, they hope to qualify for future international events; in turn, they hope to demonstrate continued progress and reward their fans, their direct supporters, and U.S. Figure Skating for their continued support.

Art by Numbers

An exclusive blog entry from Madi providing insight into this year's short dance

December 8, 2016 - by Madison Hubbell

I had this phrase pop into my head earlier in the season, “Art By Numbers.” Do you know those colouring books? They have a colour chart in the corner, and if you complete the picture correctly, it would end up looking exactly as it should.

I never liked those. I grew up in a creative house, with parents who always valued self expression and variety. I think this is part of why I feel that I belong so well in Montréal with Team MISS (Montréal International Skating School). Here, the coaches have supported me and Zach, and reminded us that there are no limits. There is not one right way to get the job done even when you feel that the rulebook says otherwise. So, at the beginning of this season, we all decided to create a program that was risky, fun, and colouring way outside the lines.

The way we see it, this is the best year to take a risk like our short dance. Next season we will have to make the best and most competitive decisions for the Olympics. But here we are, with a year to experiment, and that seems to be precisely what the ISU wants! They chose hip-hop!

We decided along with our coaching team that if anyone should just go for it, it should be us. We wanted to create an energetic, crowd-pleasing program that would draw in a different demographic than typical ice dance viewers. But frankly, what person above 50 will know a hip-hop song from 2016? So we talked, and experimented, and talked some more, and came to a few conclusions.
  1. We wanted a classic, sexy, blues that would draw in the skating community, and older generations. Something really blues... that is to say, nothing modern, nothing rock, and nothing foxtrot.
  2. We wanted to skate to a modern, well-known hip-hop song that would pull in viewers our own age.
  3. Figure out how to make this mix, without jumping from the 60s to 2000s all at once.
Marie-France took our goals and created our concept of an "evolution of music" from blues to hip-hop. We thought this was a brilliant idea. You can find this type of music mashup, using quick changes of music, in many competitive hip-hop dance routines. So we started to research the most popular songs of all the decades, 60s until now. We spent a lot of time as a team listening to dozens of different music cuts before we could even begin choreography. We spent hours with Marie-France and our hip-hop choreographer, and finally we had a program in July. The most challenging program we have ever skated.

Then it came the time to start our season and see how the program was received. We have had awesome moments with this program. Our goal of reaching younger demographics has definitely been met, and we are getting messages from young people praising our music selections and our “dab” (a famous dance move) in the footwork. We also qualified for the Grand Prix Final despite an increasingly difficult and competitive ice dance field.

Despite these accomplishments, we feel that we have not yet maximized our goals for this program. We have scored lower than our goals, and we have had mixed reviews from the panel. One of the goals of this program was to introduce more modern music into ice dance in a way that evolved from something the judges and older generations could understand. We changed a few little things throughout the season, but we wanted to get as much feedback as possible before assessing which direction to take it. We continued to work on the quality of the short after each competition, and we really tried to give it the best shot possible. It seemed, however, that we would have to rethink the program if we wanted to achieve our goals for the season.

We came home from Trophée de France and we had a meeting with Marie-France. We did not want to back away from the goals of this program. After competing in front of several crowds around the world, we realized that there were a few pieces of music that “worked” no matter where we went. There was a sweet spot in the middle of our program highlighting music that was both old and new enough to be known by everyone. We agreed that we should extend some of these songs in order to eliminate several of the lesser-known songs towards the end of the program. We wanted to skate the beginning of the short dance with more flow and speed in order to accentuate the dancing in the second half of the program. Once we had more ice coverage in the first half, we really tried to pull in the whole audience for the ten seconds of allotted time we have for a stationary dance break. Since this program is all about bringing the audience joy, we really wanted to make sure that the whole audience could have a view of our program. We made sure to turn every direction and not just dance for the 9 judges on the panel.

We feel that our newly improved short dance will better accomplish all of our goals. This is our "passion project" of the season, and we will work until the last moment to make it work. But in the end, this program is about having fun. We are ready to go to Marseille this week and dance like crazy with the goal of putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Please tune in and enjoy!


Madi and Zach find continued success after transformational year

They re-qualify for skating’s elite ISU Grand Prix Final

December 6, 2016 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach have arrived in Marseille, France for the ISU Grand Prix Final, which showcases the world’s elite skaters. They qualified for the GPF for the second straight year after medaling in all of their international events so far this season.

To start, Madi and Zach competed in the ISU Challenger Series, winning the gold medal at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic in September and winning silver at Finlandia Trophy in October. Then, in the ISU Grand Prix, Madi and Zach won silver at Skate America in late October and again at Trophée de France in November.

Building on a breakthrough 2015-2016 season

Madi and Zach’s success this season builds on their breakthroughs last season, their first under coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, and Romain Hagenauer in Montréal. Under the “D-H-L” coaching trio, Madi and Zach caught the attention of the skating world, improving all the technical aspects of their skating and rejuvenating their presentation and choreography. Their efforts were rewarded with a sixth-place finish at the 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Boston in March.

In particular, Madi and Zach’s performances at Worlds drew lavish praise from television commentators Nicky Slater and Mark Hanretty of Eurosport, and Tracy Wilson and Ben Agosto of NBC. Noting that he “could watch them skate all day,” Slater raved about their “Hallelujah” short dance, saying that “it was an experience to behold, so deep was the relationship they had between themselves and with the music.” Slater continued, observing that their performance was “something special. You could feel it in the air. So much to admire in that: the deftness of touch, the changes of direction, the quality.”

After their “Adagio for Tron” free dance, Slater offered, “I don't know about you, but it touches my soul, the underlying emotional depth that this couple brings to their skating. Something very very special. I love the quality of their technical content - well done!” Hanretty was also effusive after both performances, saying that “it's nice when good things happen to good people” and nothing that “if they continue to keep offering performances like that, there's no doubt that at some point their time will come.” Similarly, Agosto remarked, “I'm still under the spell. That was amazing. Such a beautiful program, it weaves together, it doesn't stop, it's fluid, it's graceful, it had everything, it was beautiful.”

Deeply appreciative of support from fans

Madi and Zach are deeply humbled by all the praise they’ve received. After Worlds, they began work on new programs, while continuing to refine their technique and presentation. This season, they’re focused on rewarding fans for their support, while also living up to the high expectations that they have for themselves.

During the summer, Madi and Zach were honored to participate in Mao Asada’s “THE ICE 2016” tour in Japan. They were incredibly touched by the adoring reception and attention they received from Japanese audiences and fans. They were also mesmerized by the beauty of Japanese cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Kitakyushu, and were captivated by the incredible grace and dignity of Japanese culture. In particular, Madi is a huge Totoro fan, and she had a blast seeing him all over Japan! Madi and Zach want to offer a heartfelt どうもありがとうございます to Mao as well as their Japanese hosts and friends. They can’t wait to return to Japan, hopefully soon!

New programs for the 2016-2017 season

This season, ISU short dance guidelines call for a blues rhythm, plus either or both of swing and hip hop. In their short dance, Madi and Zach explore the “evolution of dance,” starting with a sultry, bluesy Nina Simone rendition of “Feeling Good” woven seamlessly into the required midnight blues pattern. Then, they transition to a crowd-pleasing hip hop review. For the ISU Grand Prix Final, Madi and Zach will streamline this section of the dance to focus on MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

For their free dance, Madi and Zach are skating to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Bootstrap, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michaelson, and “Earned It” by Bootstrap. In forming this medley of love songs, Madi and Zach turned to music that they personally believe in and enjoy. They hope that this personal connection shines through in their skating, where they are portraying a dialogue between two lovers on the ice.

Earlier in the season, Madi and Zach were pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Dave Lease of The Skating Lesson about their new programs and their goals for this year. Here are both of their interviews:

Above all, Madi and Zach wish to thank you – their fans – for your continued support, which inspires them to strive every day for bigger accomplishments. If you’d like to play a direct role in their success this season, they invite you to visit their GoFundMe page.

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Madi and Zach place fourth at 2016 Four Continents; win bronze at U.S. Nationals

February 23, 2016 - Webmaster Update

Congrats to Madi and Zach on two stellar performances at the 2016 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships! In attaining career-best international scores of 69.36 in the short dance and 102.93 in the free dance, Madi and Zach placed third in each phase of the competition, with their total score of 172.29 placing fourth for the entire event.

Madi and Zach's presence at Four Continents is a result of their strong third-place finish at U.S. Nationals, where they achieved career-best national scores of 71.10 in the short dance and 107.71 in the free dance. At Nationals, they also qualified for the 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, to be held from March 29th to April 3rd in Boston.

With each competition, Madi and Zach are showing continued improvement under coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, Romain Hagenauer, and Pascal Denis. Madi and Zach feel incredibly well-trained and in-shape, and look forward to improving their results at Worlds.

Separately, Madi and Zach have launched a GoFundMe campaign. They are seeking to raise funds to support their ongoing training and development, in particular working with additional ballroom, theater, and hip hop coaches. They would like to thank all their fans and followers for their continued support!

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Madi and Zach compete at the 2016 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships

January 23, 2016 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach are in St. Paul, MN to compete at the 2016 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Yesterday, they scored 71.10 points for their strong, confident short dance - their highest score so far this season. They are only four points off the lead. Shown here with coach Patrice Lauzon afterwards, Madi and Zach are very happy with their performance and are even more excited to know that they will the final skaters in the ice dance competition. Watch them live, today, on NBC's national broadcast from 3-6pm Eastern.

Madi and Zach are in strong spirits and in top shape after earning valuable competitive experience last month at the ISU Grand Prix Final of Figure Skating in Barcelona, Spain. Madi and Zach were part of a U.S. team that qualified for three spots at this elite event for the first time. In Barcelona, they placed sixth, scoring 66.21 points in the short dance and 96.99 points in the free dance.

Madi and Zach continue to be grateful for the tremendous support they've received from fans all around the world. Here at Nationals, one fan traveled all the way from Japan, having printed up a banner and custom buttons to share. どうもありがとうございます!

Madi and Zach reach skating's top tier in qualifying for ISU Grand Prix Final

Breakthrough follows a first-place finish at Trophée Eric Bompard and third at NHK Trophy

December 8, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi and Zach on qualifying for their first ISU Grand Prix Final of Figure Skating! At NHK Trophy in Nagano, Japan, Madi and Zach won the bronze medal by earning personal-best international scores of 66.57 for their short dance and 100.92 for their free dance. In the short dance, they earned Level 4s for both their patterns, while in the free dance, they earned Level 4s for their twizzles and on three of their lifts.

These results reflect the significant improvements they have made under new coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, and Romain Hagenauer. Indeed, British Eurosport commentator Nicky Slater noted how he "absolutely adored... the softness and the flow across the ice."

As part of NHK Trophy, Madi and Zach made their first visit to Japan, and found the entire experience extremely positive and welcoming. For example, the event took place during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The event organizing committee in Nagano took extra care in arranging for a special dinner for Team USA that included Japanese chickens decorated to look like turkeys!

Moreover, Madi and Zach were truly touched by the gracious hospitality they encountered everywhere they went, whether shopping in Nagano or in meeting new Japanese fans. In particular, Madi and Zach would like to extend a heartfelt どうもありがとうございます - domo arigatou gozaimasu - for the touching messages and gifts they received during their stay. Madi and Zach can't wait to visit Japan again, and in the meantime, they will take all these good wishes and messages to heart as they continue training for the Grand Prix Final and the U.S. Championships.

Madi and Zach's results at NHK Trophy came on the heels of a strong showing at Trophee Eric Bompard in Bordeaux, France. There, they won the short dance, skating emotionally to a k.d. lang rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." With a score of 64.45, they earned Level 4s for their first pattern, twizzles, and lift. Nicky Slater also reacted, "Hallelujah indeed! That was, just for me, glorious... So much soul... I'm a fan." Although the event was cancelled after the short dance due to the tragic events that occured in Paris that evening, the International Skating Union has ruled that Madi and Zach's placement in the short dance will count as a first-place finish for the event as a whole.

Madi and Zach were immensely saddened and horrified to see the events in Paris unfold on television while they were in France. They would like to extend their deepest sympathies to those affected in Paris and to the people of France. They would also like to thank both the local event committee, the Fédération Française des Sports de Glace, and U.S. Figure Skating for their collective efforts in concluding the event and in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone at the event.

By virtue of their finishes at NHK Trophy and Trophée Eric Bompard, Madi and Zach have qualified for the ISU Grand Prix Final. The ice dance portion of this elite event usually features the six teams that have accumulated the most points over the course of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, a series of six events that includes NHK Trophy and Trophée Eric Bompard. Madi and Zach look forward to this extra opportunity to showcase continued improvements in their programs and their overall skating in front of an international judging panel and audience. They are excited to know that their hard work this season is generating favorable attention from many parties - most importantly, their fans.

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Seizing the spotlight

Madi and Zach win the short dance at Trophée Eric Bompard

November 13, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Skating beautifully to k.d. lang's rendition of "Hallelujah," Madi and Zach won the short dance at Trophée Eric Bompard today with a score of 64.45 points. Tune in to IceNetwork tomorrow, Saturday, November 14th for the free dance.

Madi and Zach ready to rock the 2015-2016 ISU Grand Prix series after starting season with gold at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic

November 12, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach have arrived in Bordeaux, France, where they will compete this week at Trophée Eric Bompard. This event marks their debut in the 2015-16 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, where Madi and Zach are eager to display continued quantum improvements in their skating since making a strong impression in September at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Salt Lake City, Madi and Zach won the gold medal, earning 61.08 points for their short dance to "Hallelujah" by k.d. lang, and 92.54 points for their free dance to the "Adagio for Tron" from the "Tron" movie soundtrack. Despite slight bobbles in both their programs, Madi and Zach showed off significant improvements to their skating in just six months of training with new coaches Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon.

For example, observers noticed how Madi and Zach have improved their already-strong speed, edging, and ice coverage. Moreover, Madi and Zach gained rave reviews for how they skate with unparalleled closeness in their hand holds and relative to each other.

Since their September event, Madi and Zach have continued to incorporate feedback and improve themselves in all these areas, plus others like lines, extension, posture, and transitions. Also, instead of merely completing all their program elements cleanly, they hope to do so with high grades of execution. Madi and Zach have also benefited from being able to train at maximum intensity since the spring, as their training and results in the previous two seasons were severely compromised by injury.

At Trophée Eric Bompard, Madi and Zach look forward to debuting new costumes for their free dance. Madi's mother, Susan Hubbell, continues to design and create their costumes, communicating constantly with Madi, Zach, and their coaches in Montréal. Madi and Zach will also be "taking over" U.S. Figure Skating's Instagram account for the duration of the competition.

In particular, Madi and Zach are excited to grace the cover of SKATING Magazine for the first time in the November 2015 issue. In an extensive interview with Troy Schwindt, Madi and Zach talked candidly about their challenges in the previous two seasons and their rationale in looking to refresh their skating and their perspective by relocating their training base to Montréal. Madi and Zach also discussed, with refreshing maturity, how they have maintained a strong, productive, and mutually supportive relationship both on and off the ice.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

Madi and Zach are immensely grateful that their efforts are being rewarded with such positive attention, and hope to return the favor with significantly improved results this season. Madi and Zach also wish to thank their fans for their continued well wishes and support.

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A new season, a new home, a new spark

Madi and Zach answer their fans' questions and provide the latest updates on their move to Montréal and their plans for the upcoming season

July 24, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach are busy training for the 2015-2016 season after moving to Montréal in April to work with coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, Romain Hagenauer, and Pascal Denis at the Centre Gadbois. There, they will train alongside other elite ice dance teams, including newly crowned world champions Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France, Sara Hurtado and Adrià Díaz of Spain, and Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam of Canada. Madi and Zach will continue to represent the United States in competition.

Madi and Zach announced the move after placing 10th at the 2015 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai. While their finish was respectable, given that they had trained at full intensity for only six weeks prior to the event due to Madi's recovery from hip surgery, Madi and Zach felt that the timing was right for a change of scenery. Madi and Zach saw that Marie-France and Patrice were bringing some fresh new perspectives into ice dance, while Marie-France and Patrice also saw Madi and Zach's potential for both power and long lines.

Indeed, Madi and Zach are eager to show off their new look, particuarly their lines and lifts, at the Québec Summer Championships in Pierrefonds on August 8th and 9th. Because their training and results were severely curtailed by injury and surgery the last two seasons, they have worked hard throughout the spring and summer to be fully prepared for the upcoming season. In particular, Madi is pleased to report that she is fully healthy once again after recovering from surgery.

Madi and Zach would like to extend their sincere, heartfelt thanks to Pasquale Camerlengo and Anjelika Krylova, their former coaches at the Detroit Skating Club. Pasquale and Anjelika were instrumental in bringing Madi and Zach together in the first place, and have overseen their success and development as a fairly new team on the skating scene. Madi would also like to thank the medical and physical therapy staff at the Detroit Skating Club for their tireless work throughout her recovery.

Madi and Zach are also immensely grateful for their fans' unwavering support. Recently, Madi and Zach took the time to answer questions that their Facebook fans asked of them. They are pleased to provide their fans with the following updates.

1. Talk a bit about adjusting to your new training environment. What are some new approaches to training that you have experienced in Montréal? Have you changed anything about your training routine - for example, more or less run-throughs? Also, have your coaches suggested any changes to you that have surprised you?

2. Do each of your coaches specialize in certain aspects of skating? Have you found yourselves working more with one or more of the coaches on the Montréal team?

We were concerned, like with any change, that it would take us a while to get settled here in Montréal. The new coaching team has done a wonderful job preparing us already, and we feel more ready for the season than we ever have in July. The group of athletes here in Montréal are very encouraging and supportive of each other, and we even do our off ice classes as a group. The atmosphere here is very conducive to progress, and that is what we are feeling right now - progress.

Marie-France and Patrice share the creative card, but in slightly different ways. Marie-France has created the bulk of both our short dance and free dance. She really creates something real, a piece that is alive and constantly evolving. Patrice assists Marie with lifts, elements, and footwork. He is a technical genius, and therefore he has his hands on everything from stroking class to programs. He is also very organized, and creates our training and run-through schedules, which changes every day. Romain is very good with aesthetics and polishing. He is also teaching us about technique, especially for long lines and flow across the ice.

Our coaching staff is huge, and expands beyond the ice. We are lucky enough to do ballet, workout, ballroom, and theatre class every week. The workout is intense, and sometimes it's outside since it's summertime, but it's very fun to do with the whole group of skaters. Theatre is also something new for us, and so interesting. We feel so invested and deeply emotionally connected to our programs already, and we have only just begun.

3. Talk a bit about how last season turned out, and your goals for the upcoming season. And what do you feel you need to do to accomplish your goals this season?

Last season was a success, but also disappointing. We say this because of Madison's hip surgery, which was a great success. She was able to recover, and compete better and better through the season. This was not a guarantee, and we were of course very pleased with this aspect of our season.

It was also hard, though, to fight through and overcome so much behind the scenes, but not to see that reflected in the form of big successes at our competitions. While we did well and earned some medals, we also think we placed where many people expected of us, without making greater impact. We wanted to create a "wow," and we didn't feel that we accomplished that. We felt a little lost, and we decided that we needed a change of environment to reignite the passion inside us. We feel that we've made the right decision, and we are so happy, excited, and determined to become the best skaters we can be in our new home.

4. How is it like to work alongside Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron? Do you feel that their rise last season means that other skaters - like you - can make similar leaps?

It is truly inspiring training with all the teams in Montréal, and having the World Champions in our home arena is a wonderful asset. They are beautiful, creative skaters, and they're mesmerizing even when they're working on and helping come up with their choreography. Their success last year was a testament not only to their own hard work, dedication, and passion, but also that of the coaching staff here in Montréal.

5. How collaborative has the music selection process been with your new coaches? And when will you release your program music for the season? Anxiously awaiting!

We were very impressed with our music selection process, which was very thoughtful, but also very decisive. We found music for both of our programs in only a few weeks, and both programs were choreographed with such care from Marie-France. Every movement has intention, a thought behind it.

We will release our programs soon, we promise! We really want people to see our program in concert with the music. One does not exist without the other.

6. You have a great connection on the ice, and it's great to see your ability to take on different forms of music. Is there a certain style of music that is your favorite?

We have a great relationship on and off the ice, and have grown close over the past four years. Every day we are learning more about each other, the way we think, and the way we move. We are both very open people who perform on a deeply personal level.

Our skating style is well-suited to the blues, but we feel that we are also very versatile. All of our programs have been different styles and themes, and we are looking forward to showing everyone yet another style that we can perform this season.

7. What has been your favorite program so far, short or free? Also, would you consider revamping your FD from the '13/'14 season (Bohemian Rhapsody) as your Olympic season program? It was exquisite.

We feel that our new free dance is going to be very special, and it is our favorite so far. We loved our program from the 2014 season, and it will always hold a special place in our heart, but we would never repeat any of our programs. We went through so much during the 2014 season, between injuries and barely missing the Olympic team. That year, and that program really bonded us together and made us a stronger team.

8. Who does the choreography for your exhibitions? Loved the Thousand Years one, and the redoing of your first season FD to Joe Cocker as a tribute last year at Nationals.

We do all of the choreography for our show programs. They are a chance for us to feel free and reconnected with our love of skating. There is no pressure during shows - no judges and scores - so we let ourselves relax and just enjoy the moment.

9. Are you going to be doing more shows this year? How do you decide where you do them?

We would love to do some more shows, but we have to put our training first. When we are invited to participate, we always want to say yes, but we have to look at whether or not we can take days away from our training or if we need to really buckle down and work.

10. What do you think you will do when you retire from competing (though I hope it's not for many years!!)? Will you stay involved in skating, or do you have other interests?

Zach: I love to teach and choreograph. After retiring from competition, I'd love to work with all the disciplines of figure skating, with thoughts towards a larger show production. For now, I'm focusing on my training and soaking up all the knowledge of movement, choreography, and technique that I can.

Madi: I've always said that I would leave the world of figure skating, but as I get older, I'm beginning to realize how hard it would be to live away from the ice. I do know that I'd like to have a family and be a mom. I love kids, and I also love to create things. Whether it is gardening, baking, art, or making jewelry, I like to try everything. We will just have to wait and see.

Madi and Zach in Shanghai for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships

Extra thanks to their fans and Redditors at US Nationals!

March 23, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach have arrived in Shanghai, China for the 2015 ISU World Figure Skating Championships. They qualified for Worlds after winning the bronze medal at the 2015 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

At Nationals, they started with a smoldering short dance that highlighted their power and chemistry. Their flamenco and paso doble filled every corner of the Greensboro Coliseum, reflecting all the hard work they put in during the season with a Latin choreographer.

Madi and Zach were so fierce, in fact, that they became a trending entry on Reddit, where avid Photoshoppers quickly went to work. All of us at Team Madi and Zach are seriously ROTFLOL!

In their free dance, set to music from the soundtrack to the recent Great Gatsby movie, Madi and Zach presented a variety of styles, moods, and shapes. Although Madi continues to recover from surgery in March of 2014 and had not had physical therapy during the entire week of Nationals, their vast improvement in speed, power, and range of motion over last season was evident.

Madi and Zach very much appreciate the overwhelming love and support they continue to receive from their fans, and look forward to showing their progress at Worlds. Since Nationals, Madi has continued to recover, and both Madi and Zach have trained intensively. On a recent U.S. Figure Skating conference call, Madi said that "our goal is to show everyone what we know ourselves... that we're back 100%."

For Worlds, Madi and Zach will be unveiling new costumes for their Great Gatsby free dance. As an exclusive to this website, Madi and Zach have shared photos of Madi's new dress, which, as mentioned previously on this website, was once again painstakingly hand-made by Susan Hubbell, Madi's mom. For example, what looks like a belt isn't one. Instead, it's an intricate row of beading that took over 20 hours of handiwork.

Check out Madi's dress beneath this paragraph. And don't forget to cheer Madi and Zach on at Worlds, whether you're there in person, watching online, or with them in spirit!

Madi and Zach training hard for Nationals

Show your support for Madi & Zach at Nationals with a special T-shirt

January 16, 2015 - Webmaster Update

Madi & Zach are hard at work preparing for the 2015 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro, NC. They have reworked sections of their short dance, and are continuing to train strongly every day.

Are you also going to U.S. Nationals in Greensboro and cheering on Madi and Zach? Team Madi and Zach would like to meet you and thank you for your support. The team has made a limited number of t-shirts just for the occasion, and would like to give away these shirts to fans who can confirm their attendance in Greensboro by meeting a member of Team Madi and Zach in person at the arena. Depending on demand, a random drawing will be held to determine the winners of the giveaway. A member of Team Madi and Zach will then contact the winners to arrange a meeting time and location.

To enter, please send Team Madi and Zach a private message via their Facebook page (click on "Message" on the right side of the cover image) with your name and contact details in Greensboro (cell and email). All information will be kept confidential - although a few lucky winners will get their shirts personalized and autographed by Madi and Zach!

And if you can't wait until Greensboro to get your Madi and Zach fix, check out some short videos they filmed recently for U.S. Figure Skating. As always, Madi and Zach thank you for your support!

Madi and Zach cap their fall competitive season with gold at Golden Spin and bronze at Skate Canada and Trophée Eric Bompard

Plus: Madi's mom offers an inside look into the costume-making process

December 12, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi and Zach on completing their Fall 2014 competitive season!

On November 1st, Madi and Zach won the bronze medal at Skate Canada International, held in Kelowna, BC. The competition was an opportunity for Madi and Zach to debut their programs in a competitive setting and obtain feedback from international judges. Despite having trained for only six weeks, Madi and Zach were able to execute six Level 4 elements between their short and free dances, and earned a combined score of 148.23 for the competition.

After Skate Canada, Madi and Zach trained harder, refined their programs, and even worked with Madi's mom, Sue, to revamp their costumes (see below). On November 22nd, they improved their combined score to 152.11 at Trophée Eric Bompard in Bordeaux, France, where they won the bronze medal. There, they again executed six Level 4 elements between their short and free dances, and generated particularly positive attention for a strong free dance.

Madi and Zach then regrouped quickly to compete at Golden Spin of Zagreb, where on December 6th they became the first American ice dancers to win the event in 28 years. In addition to executing nine Level 4 elements, they received personal-best scores in international competition in all phases of the event, earning 66.40, 100.34, and 166.74 points in the short dance, free dance, and overall, respectively.

At Golden Spin, Madi and Zach posted scores that were among the highest in ice dance so far this season, and look forward to improving upon these results at their next competition, the 2015 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro, NC. Cheer them on, whether live or in spirit!

In other news, don't forget to follow Madi and Zach's new, combined Twitter account at @hubbelldonohue, as well as their individual accounts at @MadiHubbell and @ZachTDonohue!

Inside the costume-making process with Susan Hubbell

At Trophée Eric Bompard, Madi and Zach unveiled new costumes for both the short and free dance. These costumes were designed and hand-made by Susan Hubbell, Madi's mom. For this website, Sue graciously took time to share some insight into the costume design and manufacturing process.

About Sue

Sue's background is in clothing design. She's "always loved fashion" and has sewn her entire life. Currently, she's very active in interior design work. In the past, Sue has worked on costumes for ballet and stage productions, gowns for weddings, and pieces for clothing lines.

Many skating parents can attest to the tremendous investments and sacrifices that go into their children's skating careers. For Sue, this involvement goes much deeper. She's made all of the costumes that Madi and Zach have worn, plus almost all those that Madi and her brother Keiffer wore when they skated together. Sue jokes that it's "hard to watch the kids skate because I'm watching the costumes all the time. Why is that arm doing that? Or why is that wrinkle there?"

Skating costumes versus theatre costumes

According to Sue, designing the right costume is always challenging because, as a skater, "you need to look good every single moment you're out there, when you're being watched from every single direction, all while you're doing extreme athletics." One year, the Hubbell family decided to try something different, spending $10,000 on third-party costumes for Madi and Keiffer, only to require extensive alterations after their first competition of the season. They hurriedly went back to Sue, who designed brand-new costumes for them just in time for Nationals.

In particular, when compared to other pieces Sue has worked on, "skating costumes are harder because you have additional challenges that are not present with stage costumes. First, in skating there is no stage lighting to enhance the appearance. Athletes perform on a huge, blank stage with nothing else around them, and they are viewed by spectators from 360 degrees." Therefore, while some costumes may look brilliant on a theatre stage, where "a dress with 5,000 rhinestones will look like a disco ball in show lighting," that same dress may come across much differently on the ice, not only on its own, but also in the context of other skaters sharing the same ice with costumes of their own.

Designing each season's costumes

While Sue "always has ideas for dresses," she incorporates a variety of inputs and ideas in the costume design process at the beginning of each season, whether her own or those of Madi, Zach, and their coaches. When Madi was younger, she would often nod approvingly at Sue's ideas, but as Madi and Zach have grown more independent and seasoned, they've also become quite "opinionated and artistic, and usually have a strong mind about what they want."

As each season progresses, the entire team also receives continual feedback from officials and other experts, whom they meet at venues like USFS Champs Camp and at monitoring sessions. For example, this season, Madi and Zach's free dance is to music from the modern Baz Luhrmann portrayal of The Great Gatsby, which presents "endless possibilities" as the movie is "a great venue for costumes." These possibilities include designs that are "authentic" or "vintage" to the period depicted in the movie - or even exact replicas of the characters in the movie. Because Madi and Zach's music selections are more modern, however, they were also counseled to incorporate more modern influences into their free dance costumes.

Meanwhile, the short dance costumes that Madi and Zach wore at Skate Canada were inspired by an online video of "Malaguena" that was suggested to them. While the costumes received positive feedback at Champs Camp, Madi began experiencing issues with the mesh of her dress, as well as a planned sash around the waist that changed the look of her lines. That sash was abandoned altogether for Skate Canada, after which the team chose to rethink all their costumes for the season.

New costumes, mid-season

With only weeks between Skate Canada and their next competition at Trophée Eric Bompard in France, Sue had to work fast, not only to come up with new costume ideas, but also to execute them, even turning down lucrative assignments from her regular work. While "some costumes take a long time and others are a bit simpler," there's often "hours and hours of handiwork" involved. The dress Madi used for her Great Gatsby free dance at Skate Canada was "almost completely made of stones" - 7,000 of them, in fact. For Sue, this "took hours to sit there and glue them in place," one-by-one, blending them into the fabric in order to enhance the feeling of movement.

For their new short dance costumes, drafting the patterns "took a few trials and errors," but Sue was quickly able to design a "completely seamless" pattern for Madi. Specifically, the dress accentuates and highlights the effortlessly gorgeous lines and edges Madi creates with her legs, and also was hand-dyed several times to arrive at the perfect shade of "deep garnet red." Zach's costume, meanwhile, features an intricate series of ruffles around the chest to mirror the Spanish theme of the dance.

For their new free dance costumes, Madi and Zach received feedback that their costumes should be less "invisible," create less of an impression of "blended movements," and instead show "starker contrast to the ice." Sue arrived at a formula for the costumes that, while "neither hip-hop nor vintage," still draws inspiration from the Great Gatsby theme, particularly the "linear" and "blingy" gold-on-black graphics and marketing for the movie. Already, Sue feels that "something about the new costumes works" - especially in the way they highlight Madi and Zach's "clarity of movements."

Labor of love

Skating costumes are very expensive. Ladies' singles skaters "usually pay at least $1,000 for a simple, straightforward dress," while more elaborate dresses "can be $5,000 or more." The expense is not just for materials, which runs into the thousands of dollars for each costume, but also for many hours of painstaking labor and handwork. Despite the fact that someone with Sue's skills and experience could be paid extremely well to make skating costumes, Sue prefers to focus primarily on Madi, Zach, and one or two other training mates at any particular time, because the well-defined schedule of the skating season often makes for very tight deadlines, with numerous costumes due all at once.

In the immediate wake of Trophée Eric Bompard, Madi and Zach's new costumes are already drawing strongly positive feedback. Nevertheless, you won't see Sue Hubbell resting on her laurels. Count on Sue to continue watching every step of Madi and Zach's performances - as well as those of their costumes - in coming up with new ideas.

Q&A Session with Madi & Zach

Latest updates on Madi's recovery and Madi and Zach's programs for this season

October 15, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach sat down recently for an interview over Skype to answer some questions they’ve been getting, and to update fans on how their recovery and training for this season are progressing. As always, Madi and Zach are well-spoken, fun to talk with, and have lots of interesting things to say. They’re pleased to be sharing this here on their website. Enjoy!

Madi, last season, despite a very painful injury, you managed to compete in the Grand Prix and at Nationals, not to mention winning Four Continents. Yet you were in more pain than most people were aware of. Tell us a bit about the challenges and thoughts you faced during the season and how you managed to put on such a brave face while performing at the highest caliber.

Madi: Early last season, during the summer, we lost lots of training time - two month's worth - after I suffered a concussion in a training accident. When I returned to the ice afterwards, I pushed myself too hard in making up for lost time. A lingering issue with my hip that I'd been dealing with for several years flared up. This was a double whammy - losing lots of training time, and dealing with severe pain in my hip.

Because we wanted to be on the Olympic team, we had to appear strong going into Nationals. A lot of people don't realize how limited our training was going into our Grand Prix events, Nationals, and then Four Continents. Although we weren't at our best, we're still happy with how the year turned out. And if we'd been at the Olympics, we wouldn't have been able to prepare well for this season. So having my surgery sooner gave us more time to prepare for this season. I'm much stronger and we're excited about the new season right now. And as a team, we're stronger together because of all we've been through.

Zach, while Madi was off the ice last season, did you do anything different with your training and fitness regime?

Zach: If you've met our coach Anjelika, you know she can be really tough. While I skated less last season than what I would have if I was together with Madi, I still did a lot of on-ice work with Anjelika, plus a lot of off-ice work like weight and cardio training to keep myself fit, because it's not a good idea to change your physique or your fitness level during the season. So, on-ice, I felt I was able to improve in a lot of areas, while off-ice, I continued to train hard at the gym.

Madi, tell us about your thoughts and experiences in deciding on surgery, undergoing it, and recovering from it. Many people would have found it stressful - how did you handle it all?

Madi: It helps that I'm very interested in science and medicine. For me, I've never been intimidated by doctors, medical procedures, or surgeries. I stayed awake through the entire surgery and could see everything that was happening. I was not only anxious to be done with the pain, but I was also interested in how the team was going to fix it, and I was fascinated to see it live. Dr. Philippon is one of the top surgeons in the world for this particular type of surgery, and combined with his great team, I had no doubt that the surgery was going to go very well.

I was very surprised at how little pain there was initially after the surgery. Although I wasn't able to do much besides physical therapy, lying in bed, and walking around crutches for the first month after the surgery, the team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs took great care of me and helped get me back on my feet.

The first few months of my recovery went super well. Although we hadn't planned on doing any Senior B events this season, we kept the option open, and we were initially selected to compete at Finlandia Trophy. As the season approached in August, however, we decided that I shouldn't push myself too hard, and that we needed a few extra weeks to prepare for Skate Canada. Therefore, we pulled out of Finlandia.

Things are now getting better for me every week. With the help of physical therapy, I don't feel any weakness like I did last year, and overall I'm feeling so much better than last year. I'm doing lots of exercises and building up strength again - all par for the course. It's a great mental advantage for us this year for me to be confident in myself and to be back to my old self - ready to compete.

Our goal is to do as well as we can at Nationals this season. I also think we can do really well at our Grand Prix events. Although I've just barely recovered from the surgery, we want to compete the best we can this season and see where it takes us.

On that note, let's talk about this season and the programs you've prepared. Zach, you've tweeted that your new paso doble short dance is so good, it’s "sick," while Madi, you've revealed that your free dance will be to music from the soundtrack to the recent Great Gatsby movie.

Madi and Zach: Our short dance is to a Spanish paso doble theme this year. We think it's going to be really strong for us. While we love to explore different dance styles, everyone has their comfort zones. For us, it’s less about fun, cutesy dances than it is powerful ones like the paso doble.

Our free dance is to music from the Great Gatsby soundtrack, and we've tweaked it here and there already. What attracted us to the soundtrack and the movie was the underlying love story, especially how they were able to put a lot of different dance styles together with different pieces of music. We feel it'll be very crowd-pleasing and very different from anything we've seen our competitors put out there. Definitely, what Zach and I have is an athletic, spontaneous sense to our skating, and we're trying to portray that with this particular dance. It's very challenging and fast all the way up to the end, where we're hoping to build up to a high point with the audience in the arena.

Madi and Zach, let's talk some more about what you want to show this season to everyone out there, whether judges, officials, fans, or audiences.

Zach: With Meryl Davis and Charlie White not competing this season, and with the beginning of a new quad, the door's wide open for the top spot in U.S. ice dance. We really have an opportunity to show how we add diversity to what’s being presented on the ice. This is really our year to shine, and both our programs are suited to our strengths. We're going to show a variety of styles in our programs, and we'll deliver a message that we're a strong team that's still growing, yet very much ready to dominate.

Obviously, we'd love to shine and get a gold medal at Nationals. We're also really gunning for the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona, where we'd love to perform our paso doble, so we're going to go all out at our next two events, Skate Canada and Trophée Eric Bompard. We'd also love to be at Four Continents and Worlds again.

Madi: I was just discussing Skate Canada in Kelowna this afternoon with my family. I've heard great things about Kelowna and how friendly and beautiful it is. It's always nice to go somewhere that's naturally beautiful, with spectacular scenery. We've also heard a lot about the wine country there.

I'm also quite excited about Trophée Eric Bompard in Bordeaux. Although I've been to Paris twice already, and Zach's been there once, we'd love to see more of France, particularly their famous wine growing areas. In Bordeaux, we look forward to celebrating not only the end of our main Grand Prix season but also a possible place in the Grand Prix Final. There's going to be some great competition at both events. With Kelowna, Bordeaux, and potentially Shanghai, this looks to be a glamourous season full of new experiences.

Personally, you have to push yourself and train harder everyday. We focus less on the competition and more on how far we can push ourselves. We're still kind of a "mystery team" because not many people realize how little we skated last year, and how that's such a small fraction of what we're capable of doing. With how much we can train now, the sky's the limit, and we're going to continue pushing as hard as we can and see where we end up.

Madi and Zach, many of your fans would love to hear about how much you care for animals. Both of you have pets at home, and Zach, you even rescued a stray cat from the especially frigid winter this past season. Tell us a bit about your pets and how they've been a part of your lives.

Zach: Yes, I spotted a kitten shivering in the cold, across the field outside Madi's apartment, and took her home. Unfortunately, she was feral and I wasn't able to keep her, but I was able to get her to the humane society, the same one where we found Madi's first bunny.

I also previously had another cat. Although my roommate was highly allergic to it, my roommate helped find a new home for it. Currently, I have two ferrets. They're the coolest little shenaniganizers I've ever met!

Madi: My brother Keiffer has always had a huge fascination with reptiles and amphibians, and our family house has always been filled with different creatures. Right now we have a habitat for preying mantises that just finished breeding. We hope to see the eggs hatch soon.

I've also rescued two bunnies from the local humane society, and we have a cat, Garfield, that we took in from a family friend that couldn't have one anymore. I believe we also currently have four snakes - we once had a dozen of them! That's in addition to frogs, chameleons, and tarantulas. There aren't too many animals that I don't like, but I'm not a huge fan of when my brother puts a tarantula on me!

I'm a total animal person and we even went to the Detroit Zoo today to see the new baby giraffe born there.

Tell us about some other things you like to do for fun, besides skating, of course. For example, in a past IceNetwork interview with Michael Buckley, Madi said Zach was a "really good" singer. Will we be seeing any YouTube clips soon?

Zach: There won't be any YouTube clips, unfortunately.

Madi: Zach's shy about it, but he's a phenomenal singer. I think he's got "America's Got Talent" in his future!

Talking about singing, music with vocals has been allowed in ice dance for some time now. This season, it'll be allowed in all the other skating disciplines. What are your thoughts on vocals in skating?

Zach: Vocals can be both dangerous and great for ice dancers. With certain songs and lyrics, people may expect to see specific things in the program. At the same time, with almost any lyrical song, vocals can add to the story you're portraying.

While vocals can help pairs skaters, for solo freestyle skaters, it can be hard to skate to a song that's clearly about another specific person or is strongly associated with a particular singer. Since singles skaters are by themselves out there, it's hard not to make things look like a show program. At the same time, there are skaters who are doing great programs, like Elladj Baldé and his James Brown short program. Generally, if you can find a piece of music that highlights your strengths, then that's an asset.

Madi: I would say that lyrics can add to your program, although there are some pieces of music that can get "lost" in an arena. There are also versions of certain pieces of music that don't need lyrics.

This year, we're using three modern/pop music selections in our free dance, which we think can relate to younger audiences. If we can help broaden skating's appeal to a wider audience, than that's great. At the same time there are fans and judges from various generations so I think we also need to find a balance between different generations and genres.

Anything else your fans should look forward to this season?

Madi and Zach: We're going to perform at the MK Young Artists Showcase in Washington, DC on Sunday, November 30. It's led by Audrey Weisiger, and there will be a lot of good choreographers coming in, especially some of Macklemore's tour dancers. It all goes to benefit Kids on Ice.

And of course, we're going all out for Skate Canada in Kelowna, BC on Friday, October 31 and Saturday, November 1, as well as Trophée Eric Bompard in Bordeaux, France on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22.

Thanks Madi and Zach for your time! Best of luck this year!

Madi and Zach: Yes, and a big thank you to all of our fans out there for all your continuing support!

Madi & Zach kick off the 2014-2015 season

Recovery on track; assigned two ISU Grand Prix events

July 24, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Madi and Zach are pleased to report that Madi's recovery from her March surgery is progressing on track!

In fact, both Madi and Zach are hard at work preparing for the 2014-2015 competitive season. They visited the U.S. Olympic Training Center over the summer, and have already worked with coaches Pasquale Camerlengo and Anjelika Krylova to develop a new paso doble short dance that promises to be so exciting and difficult that Zach calls it "sick." Madi also announced, via her Twitter page, that their free dance this season will be based on the recent Baz Luhrmann movie portrayal of "The Great Gatsby."

July has already been a busy month for Madi and Zach. Earlier in the month, Madi and Zach were honored to be guest coaches at the Grassroots to Champions Super Camp in Lansing, Michigan, where they taught moves and skills to young skaters. Also, on July 19th, Madi and Zach headlined the Saturday Night Ice Show in Lake Placid, where they performed two exhibition programs.

Madi and Zach are also pleased to have been selected for two ISU Grand Prix events this fall. They will compete at the 2014 Skate Canada International in Kelowna, British Columbia from October 30th to November 2nd. They will also compete at the 2014 Trophée Éric Bompard in Bordeaux, France from November 21st to 23rd. If you're able to travel to these two events, Madi and Zach would certainly appreciate your presence and support in the audience!

Above all, Madi and Zach would like to thank their family, friends, and fans for the outpouring of love that they received this past season and during Madi's surgery and recovery - in particular, cards, flowers, care packages, and many thoughtful, heartfelt messages of support. Please stay in touch through their Facebook page and through Madi and Zach's Twitter accounts!

Madi successfully undergoes surgery

"Best-case" outcome; to undergo physical therapy for several weeks

March 6, 2014 - Webmaster Update

On Tuesday, March 4th, Madi underwent surgery for her torn labrum at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO, under the guidance of world-renowned Dr. Marc J. Philippon, in tandem with the Steadman staff, the Vail Valley Surgical Center, and the Howard Head Sports Medicine Clinic.

The surgery went off without a hitch, in what physicians called a "best case scenario." Only 8 hours after the operation finished, the Steadman team already had Madi on an exercise bike for 20 minutes as part of her first rehab session. Madi will continue her rehabilitation and physical therapy at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for several weeks before heading home to Michigan.

Follow Madi's real-time updates on Twitter and on Instagram! Zach is on Twitter too.

Wish Madi well on her way to recovery! While Madi & Zach will not be going to the ISU World Championships because of the surgery, they have already been floating ideas for programs this coming season, and look forward to returning to the ice and easing back into training when Madi is fully healthy. Cards, flowers, and well wishes are eagerly accepted at:

Madison Hubbell
c/o U.S. Figure Skating
20 First Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Madi & Zach win the 2014 ISU Four Continents Championships

Madi rallies through lingering pain; team posts personal-best international scores

January 27, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi & Zach on winning the ice dance event at the 2014 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Taipei!

Despite lingering pain from a labral tear, Madi exhibited exceptional courage and composure in rallying through the entire event. Madi & Zach earned 61.05 points in the short dance and 97.20 points in the free dance for an overall score of 158.25 points. All three scores are career bests in international competition for Madi & Zach.

In earning Level 4s for their lifts, twizzles, and circular footwork, Madi and Zach earned over 50 points for technical elements in the free dance, the most of any ice dance team at either the 2014 ISU Four Continents or European championships.

Zach summed it up best: "More than anything I’m so proud of Maddie. She’s had the hardest year I think that any skater has to deal with that I’ve heard of. Concussion, tears, injuries, but she’s never given up, never stopped fighting. She was the one that gave us such a successful season and career so far."

Madi and Zach are tremendously grateful for the incredible support and encouragement they've received all season long from family, friends, and fans. They're even taking suggestions for future programs already. Interact with them on their Facebook page, or tweet Madi and/or Zach directly!

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Madi & Zach place fourth at U.S. Nationals; headed to Taipei to compete at the ISU Four Continents Championships

January 17, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Madi & Zach placed fourth at the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston. While they were just 2.17 points shy of an Olympic berth, their lyrical "Nocturne into Bohemian Rhapsody" free dance met an appreciative audience and was highly anticipated by commentators and journalists all week long.

In particular, Sandra Bezic of NBC took note of their skills and connection, saying, "Madison and Zach perform on the edge. They always give it their all. They have wonderful chemistry." Thank you, Sandra!

The season is not over, though. Madi and Zach will be part of the U.S. delegation to the 2014 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Taipei. There, they will compete in the short dance on Wednesday, January 22, and will perform their free dance on Thursday, January 23.

In addition, Madi & Zach are first alternates for the 2014 U.S. teams for the Olympics and ISU World Figure Skating Championships.

When Madi was sidelined during the early part of the season by a concussion and, later, a torn labrum, it was uncertain whether Madi & Zach would rally and make it this far. They couldn't have done so without the tremendous outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and fans. Madi & Zach want to thank all of you for inspiring them to move forward. They promise to work even harder towards bigger and better things ahead!

Support Madi & Zach in their quest for the Olympics by cheering them on at the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships

January 5, 2014 - Webmaster Update

Join Madi & Zach in Boston this week and cheer them on at the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships!

The U.S. Championships, also called "Nationals," serve multiple purposes every year. Depending on their placements, skaters can qualify for international competition assignments and funding envelopes from U.S. Figure Skating. In an Olympic year, Nationals also serve as the primary selection event for the U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

Madi & Zach will be competing for a spot on the Olympic team in the Championship Dance event. They expect to arrive in Boston in time for the start of Championship Dance practices on Wednesday, January 8. These practice sessions will be open to all-event ticket holders. See the event and practice schedules here.

January 8 is also Zach's birthday. Wish him well in Boston!

The first phase of the competition for Madi & Zach, the short dance, will take place on Friday, January 10. Buy tickets for the short dance here, or in person at the TD Garden box office, if you haven't already.

The second and final phase of the competition, the free dance, takes place on Saturday, January 11. Buy tickets for the free dance here, or in person at the TD Garden box office, and cheer them on in person!

Separately, Zach, Madi, and Zach's mom were featured recently in a Connecticut website. The article talks at length about Zach's upbringing, the circumstances behind his partnering with Madi, and the challenges which both Madi, Zach, and their families have worked to overcome this season and over the years.

January 10 update - Madi and Zach have arrived in Boston, are feeling great, and are looking strong in practices. Thanks to superfan Dia Thelen for these lovely hats and scarves, just in time for the chilly weather!

Madi & Zach look forward to seeing you all in Boston and are deeply grateful for your continued support and well wishes!

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Madi & Zach wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday season, and all the best for the New Year

December 25, 2013 - Webmaster Update

Madi & Zach are always immensely grateful for the support of friends, family, and fans, and are thrilled to be launching this website as a holiday present for all their supporters!

Join Madi & Zach in Boston for the short dance on Friday, January 10 and the free dance on Saturday, January 11 as they aim for the U.S. Olympic team at the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Madi speaks candidly about skating through injury

Pain is now manageable; Madi and Zach to aim for the U.S. Olympic team at 2014 Nationals

December 3, 2013 - Webmaster Update

In a blog post on IceNetwork, Madi revealed publicly that she had skated through her entire Fall 2013 competitive season with severe pain in her left hip.

Madi wrote: "A slight discomfort in my left hip while at Nebelhorn quickly transformed from manageable to unmanageable by the end of our Grand Prix season." With few run-throughs of their programs during this time, Madi & Zach still managed to achieve impressive results, winning their first ISU Grand Prix medal at Skate Canada.

After Skate Canada, Madi sought guidance from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, where she was diagnosed with a labral tear. Madi got the go-ahead to resume full training, and, thanks to a regimen aimed at strengthening the area, is in much improved shape.

Madi and Zach would like to thank their family, friends, and fans for all their encouragement through what was a highly successful fall season, even with this injury. They look forward to showing off the results from their resumption of full training at the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston, where they will aim for the U.S. Olympic team.

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Madi & Zach win first career ISU Grand Prix medal at Skate Canada

Featured as Olympic hopefuls on Detroit television

October 31, 2013 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi & Zach on winning the bronze medal at the 2013 Skate Canada International!

Madi & Zach achieved personal-best scores at the international level in placing third during all phases of the competition. They earned 60.92 points for their short dance and 92.28 points for their free dance, combining for a total of 153.20.

In their short dance, Madi & Zach achieved Levels 3 and 4 on all their elements, leaving a strong, clean, and powerful impression despite an accidental slip-up at the end of the program.

Madi & Zach again achieved Level 4 on five of their elements in the free dance, captivating the audience at Harbour Station in Saint John, New Brunswick. Throughout the competition, they achieved positive grades of execution on all their elements, and received high program component scores.

Also, Madi & Zach were especially grateful for lavish praise and feedback from British Eurosport commentators Chris Howarth and Nicky Slater, who "loved it! couldn't take [their] eyes off them," noting that their free dance "was just to die for, wow-ee" and that "the skating quality from these two is something to behold. A wonderful partnership." Thank you, Chris and Nicky!

Skate Canada International was the second of six events in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Madi & Zach placed fourth at the first event, Hilton HHonors Skate America, the previous week. In conjunction with Nebelhorn Trophy, they've finished a whirlwind month full of traveling and competitions.

They look forward to resting for a bit before resuming training for their next major competition, the Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, which will be held in January in Boston and will serve as the qualifying event for the 2014 U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

After Madi & Zach returned from Skate Canada, they were featured as Olympic hopefuls in a segment on WDIV-TV in Detroit. Click on the video below for more.

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Madi & Zach place fourth at Skate America with two strong performances

Aim for continued improvement at Skate Canada International

October 21, 2013 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi & Zach on a fourth-place finish at 2013 Hilton HHonors Skate America!

Madi & Zach turned in solid, powerful performances in both the short dance and free dance to earn personal-best scores in international competition.

In their short dance, which earned them 60.71 points, Madi & Zach achieved Level 4s on the first Finnstep pattern, plus a twizzle sequence and lift.

Their intricate, error-free "Nocturne into Bohemian Rhapsody" free dance featured five Level 4 elements and also earned them high program component scores, for a total score of 92.27.

Madi & Zach look forward to their next competition, the Skate Canada International this coming week in Saint John, New Brunswick. Skate America and Skate Canada are the first two events in the 2013-14 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, a series of six international competitions that serve as qualifiers for the 2013-14 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

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Madi & Zach win Nebelhorn Trophy

September 28, 2013 - Webmaster Update

Congratulations to Madi & Zach on winning the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany!

In the short dance, they earned 56.53 points, skating to a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy medley featuring the quickstep, foxtrot, and Charleston.

In the free dance, set to Luca Micarelli's "Nocturne into Bohemian Rhapsody," they earned 90.58 points, for a competition total of 147.11 points. They earned Level 4s for all their lifts, and their step sequences provide opportunities for further score improvement.

Held since 1969, Nebelhorn is a senior-level international competition run by the Deutsche Eislauf-Union and sanctioned by the International Skating Union. Previous ice dance winners include such greats as Klimova/Ponomarenko, Torvill/Dean, Bourne/Kraatz, Belbin/Agosto, and Davis/White.

Madi and Zach won this event as part of their competitive debut two years ago. With their victory here this year, they're looking forward to a great season!

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